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2019 Honda Passport Touring Review

The all new 2019 Honda Passport is slotted between the compact sized CR-V and the three row family-focused Pilot in Honda's current lineup. It is especially suited for those adventure seeke…

2019 Mazda 3 Sedan Review

Mazda's Kodo design language has enjoyed many years of success, however, in the ever revolving world of automotive industry, you have to evolve or face elimination. The Mazda 3 has been the…

2019 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Review

It might be a surprise to some, but the best selling vehicles in North America are not the Toyota Corollas, the Honda Civics, or any of the popular SUVs you see on the road. They are pickup tru…

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus SL Review

Although the Tesla Model S has been widely credited for bringing electric vehicles into public attention, it is the Nissan Leaf that makes owning one possible for the masses. When it was debute…